dinner time.

Sosein is different. Traditional and modern. Regional and cosmopolitan. Seasonal and fermented. Fresh and mature. A menu instead of à la carte. The best food in optimal preparation.

A menu
instead of à la carte.

An evening in the Sosein means community and enjoyment. After the prologue, the menu begins with the presentation of our bread. Bread like we’ve always imagined. Loose and crispy, with a wonderful aroma. We have given bread time to develop. Bread and time. Straight. A pleasure that sharpens the senses.

An evening in the Sosein
means community and enjoyment.

An evening in the Sosein focuses on the taste of things. For us, cooking does not mean copying common taste images, but working out the character and aroma of our food and thus bringing it to the best possible perfection. Our seasonal menus vary again and again. In this way you will not always find the same dishes. Our seasonal themes are the guide to presenting the best dishes every day. According to the daily fresh offer of our own garden and that of our partners. The processing of whole animals helps us to ensure the best aroma and taste. We are working against the packaging of food and against the standardisation of taste. Because we always serve only what is best at the moment. Every day is different: the best food in the best preparation for our Sosein.

Set menu

“contemplation & refreshment”


Bread and butter

char trout

chicory plants

egg royal,broth

sturgeon, lenses

wild and ripe

fig leaf, jerusalem artichokes


Menu including water 170,- €


2016 Silvaner “Muschelkalk GK, winery Vetter

2017 “Rossbach” Chardonnay , Weingut Richard Östreicher

2016 “Graupert” Grauburgunder, Meinklang

2017 “Les Fous” Gewürztraminer , Domaine Leon Boesch

2018 Saumur rouge, Domaine Guiberteau

2018 “Trittenheimer Apotheke” Riesling Auslese, Ansgar Clüsserath

Kirschwein, Frederiksdal, Dänemark

110- €

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